Organic Cotton Barefoot Slippers - Pink

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A new collection of fully barefoot slippers for kids from Pegres has arrived. This lovely collection is aimed for all year wear indoors and made from certified organic cotton canvas. They are ideal for wear at preschools or non-carpeted homes. Podiatrists agree that children should spend a good amount of time a day barefoot. These provide warmth in colder homes without compromising on freedom of toe movement.

Made ethically and sustainably to the highest standard

Fit: Suitable for most foot shapes due to adjustable strap around instep. Ideal for wider toes. Slippers come a little smaller.

21/4 = 13.5cm, 22/5 = 14.1cm, 23/6 = 14.8, 24/7 = 15.4cm, 25/8 = 16cm, 26/8.5 = 16.7cm, 27/9 = 17.3cm, 28/10 = 17.8cm