Our Charity Program

At Quinn's Little Things we believe in giving back to society and our communities. As parents we want to  teach our little Quinn compassion for others and understand that if you want to change the world you must to start with yourself. We acknowledge that the world is changing rapidly and it is important to take steps towards a better future.

Every 6 months we shall choose a small charity or a project to help people or causes that need helping and contribute 2% from each purchase towards it. 

In the period from January to the end of June (which might be extended in this case), we will be contributing towards helping someone who is a dear friend of mine. Iveta, a mummy of 10 months old Lucy, has been diagnosed with a very aggressive Cancer of an Unknown Origin. It took only 6 weeks from the diagnosis and her and her family's life was turned upside down. She was hospitalized at the end of January as the cancer attacked her spine nerves and also, during her hospital stay, contracted Covid-19. She is a fighter and we believe in the best possible outcome. The money we raise will be used to buy her necessary equipment as well as to pay for a carer so she can spend time with her family at home. We hope that this will make a tiny difference. Since this is a special case we will be donating 4% of our earnings to my friend's GoFundMe.

In case you are interested to donate separately, here is our GoFundMe page.


Thank you all for supporting us and for helping us help others.