We are closing down

Dear customers and friends of Quinn's,


I have thought long and hard about what to do with my business but the sad truth is that it has become way harder than I could ever imagine.

When I started my business I was so hopeful and excited as I was able to start something which would allow me to express my believes what fashion and healthy development should look like. Barefoot shoes and slower fashion made by eco-conscious, smaller brands became my passion and I believed that this could be enough to create a successful business with time. But continuous problems with Brexit related paperwork which were just simply not getting any easier became a huge problem for me as I simply started getting tired of arguing with customer services of courier companies about their mistakes in paperwork and how it affected my business. It was like a fight against windmills and it was exahausting.


When crisis of cost of living started, I saw a decline in my orders and that just added on the struggles on my side. However, that is completely out of anyone's hands.


Lastly, me and my partner had a very difficult and exhausting year. My pregnancy was tough, we were constantly sick and then we moved to a new place when I was 35 weeks pregnant. I had a traumatic delivery and when my little girl was born we had issue after issue with feeding which resulted in breast abscess and continuous monitoring in the hospital. The exhaustion was surreal.


This brings us to now. It took me a while to process everything happening in my life and I simply couldn't cope with some aspects of it. This resulted in a few late deliveries and even one unhappy customer saddens me. So, we are closing down, with a very heavy heart, however, there is nothing else I can do about it at the moment. My only hope is no pair of shoes will be anyhow wasted.

During closing down we will be shipping once a week on Wednesdays and only standard deliveries will be available with up to 8 working days delivery time. The business will be mostly run by my partner Magnus.

DISCOUNT is automatic at the checkout and is valid on all full priced shoes and tights at the moment. Beda shoes are already heavily discounted hence 40% discount doesn't apply on them.

I am so very sorry!