Our Brands


We specialise in sourcing brands from central Europe that are new to the UK market. Most of our brands are small to medium size, family run businesses with productions supporting local communities in Czech republic, Slovakia and Poland. Smaller size manufacturers, often family owned, and businesses are a backbone of their economies and their productions are often a result of collaborations with other local businesses. For example, some manufacturers source their materials such as leather from local tanneries. 

Our close collaborations give us an opportunity to establish personal relationships with our brands so we can have a peek into their production and mutual understanding of our values such as eco-friendliness in manufacturing or ethicality when it comes to rights and fair living wages of their employees.



We are very proud to be able to support 2 out of 4 from our last remaining original manufacturers of tights with braces. Ribbed tights with braces (and for older children without braces as well) are a traditional craft of former Czechoslovakia. Sadly, the craftsmanship has been disappearing over the years as it has become cheaper for many companies to produce clothing items elsewhere, such as in China. Our traditional tights have been reproduced by Chinese manufacturers, sadly in a quality that doesn't uphold our long-standing standards.
Therefore, via our own clothing label, we aim to raise awareness of such issues and deepen overall understanding or public why fashion is not just about cuteness but also about eco-friendliness of materials, cultural heritage, communities, workers rights, ethicality and sustainability.


We are very proud of our established collaborations and hope that we can be bringing you lovely brands for years to come whilst progressing towards sustainability through slow and eco-friendly fashion.

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