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How to grow healthy little feet

When kids are born their tiny little feet are incredibly soft. They consist mostly of cartilage with small pieces of bones that need to be nurtured in order to grow straight and healthy. The first 5 years before the bones fully ossify are the most important; a lot of life-long damage can happen at this stage, however, the whole forming process won't be finalised until teenage years. Shoes can affect not only forming of feet but also entire musculosceletal system; muscles, bones, posture, etc.

When it comes to shoes there is no "one size fits all".

Hence, we specialise in barefoot and barefoot-friendly footwear that offers a variety of fits and shapes that consider not only healthy length of shoes but also the shape of little feet, their toes, instep height and width.

Below is a basic checklist of some important aspects to look for in new kids' shoes.

For more info check out our blog or click here for shoe fitting advice.

Raising a world of individuals - ethically and consciously

It’s our mission to dress children in conscious shoes and clothing that allow them to effortlessly grow into their natural selves. By carefully selecting small, family owned businesses like us we can ensure that their approach to manufacturing shares the same ethical and eco-conscious values as us and collectively we can grow and continue perfecting our practices to take care of the planet for the future or our children.

Among the ethos we have based our brand on is removing the pressure of stereotypes so our children have the freedom to embrace and develop their distinctive individuality. Therefore, our kids' shoes and tights collections are full of vibrant colours suitable for either gender. To us, colours are genderless.

Read more about our values here.

Embrace any weather in colour and style

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Hold tight and don't let go

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What our customers say...

"Found some amazing products from Quinn's, such a lovely little business for little ones! Got some lovely tights that look super cute and sooo comfortable. Great quality too, keeping their shape even after washing! Looking forward to get my baby his first walking shoes, definitely trusting their quality and Romana's advice."

Nadja, Mum

What our customers say...

"Really happy with the communication and advice I got from Romana. She was very patient with my questions and it made buying shoes for a wriggly toddler much easier; she really went above and beyond. Love the variety of shoes and the Pegres are great for wider feet."

Rosa, Mum

What our customers say...

"This is a treasure of a small business with gorgeous products and the owners have really amazing knowledge of how to best fit baby/child shoes which they are very willing to share to help ensure you have the perfect fit for your child! The shoes are of the highest standard and we love the fact that the shoes we bought come with a winter insole to keep feet warm during the chilly months. My son loves the shoes so much he goes to get them to put on every day. And if you buy the shoes with the perfect fit, there is so much room for growth that it makes the shoes really good value for money and they are really high quality. I'd highly recommend to ensure your child's feet get the best start!"

Tamara, Mum

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Creating a community

The purpose of Quinn’s Little Things is to do honest business with passionate people, so that we can empower and uplift fellow families in our communities. We are working hard to create a brighter future that we would be proud to have our children live in.

That’s our promise to create a purposeful collective impact. Want to join the family?

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