Our Values

From one family to another

When sourcing our suppliers, we hand-picked reputable family-owned businesses that were aligned with our values. This means we honour genuine small-batch craftsmanship over massive production lines. We also appreciate our suppliers’ sustainable approach to their quality-assured materials and manufacturing which ensures an eco-procedure where no people are undervalued and the planet is taken care of.

Labelled with values

All of our clothing is not just labelled with our name but with the values that are at the heart of our brand. At the core of everything we do is honest business, community upliftment, and kindness. Every garment is threaded with the trust of high-quality and pure intention. We sell items that are set a standard fit enough for Quinn, or we don’t sell them at all.


  • Unisex - gender-neutral clothing that allows kids to be kids with the freedom to embrace their individuality
  • Unique – we wanted to bring special Czech and Slovak loved products to the UK for something different, that we know will also be adored
  • Colourful – our collections aim to be the perfect balance between colourful and neutral so that they are suitable for all kids
  • Practical – our products are perfectly designed for busy toddlers and crawling babies with features that are non-slip and super comfy
  • Sustainable – we care about creating a planet that we would be proud to have our children live in so we reduce packaging as much as possible and use recycled materials where we can. The manufacturing processes are based on eco-friendly values.
  • High-Quality - all of our clothing is made from certified child-friendly materials (e.g. OEKO-TEX®, Der Blaeu Engel), which are approved by medical bodies as non-harmful or non-toxic and supportive of child growth. All items are handmade supporting traditional crafts rather than mass productions.

High-quality production RAK shoes