About us

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My name is Romana and I am the mum of Quinn. I have always had passion for clothes and colours, especially when it came to little ones. As a preschool and art teacher I used to encourage my little students to explore all the colours of the rainbow in anything they did. It was important to me that children are not given stereotypes at a young age and are being encouraged to develop their own individuality. Pink should not be the only colour for girls, and boys should be allowed their own choices, too. So, I always thought that if I ever was to focus on children's fashion, it will be unisex, fun and very colourful. It is OK to like pink or blue and it is OK not to.

Our shoe story

When Quinn started becoming a more confident walker, me and my partner Magnus went to a local store to have her feet measured, as many other parents do. We had spent a good amount of money to make sure that the shoes are of a good quality and fit her well, but, the measurements were not accurate and the  shoes didn't fit within a short few weeks. I knew that children usually outgrow their shoes quickly but after being seen by an orthopedic doctor and a podiatrist for her overlapping toes, they confirmed that properly measured shoes should last at least 3-6 months, depending upon the child's age. The condition was becoming worse and I was becoming more frustrated with the services and choices in the UK market. So I went back to my native Czech republic and explored there. I researched endlessly and found out that the quality of shoes for little ones in Czech and Slovakia is a whole different ballgame. Many manufacturers are approved by orthopedic specialists and podiatrists, and hold certificates of high-quality production.

In the store you will find things that we would put on our Quinn. A lot of research and testing went into choosing the items we offer as we want the best quality for our little ones. Shoes and tights are our main products but we are hoping to add more interesting small brands as we grow.

Through our blog and social media accounts, we would like to create a community where parents can come and ask anything they need to know about shoes, and other parenting topics. It is important to us to connect with people, especially during these difficult times and share our knowledge, even if you decide to shop elsewhere. We are here to help.

Have a colourful day and enjoy the little things in life!

Romana, Magnus, and Quinn