Barefoot Anatomically shaped Preschool shoes -Light Yellow

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Our newest fully barefoot addition.

These yellow minimalist shoes are very flexible with a thin bendable sole and zero drop. They are suitable for standard to slightly wider feet, dominant toes with a great wide toe box. Adjustable around ankles as well as instep thanks to an elastic lace.

These lovely shoes are very much barefoot ticking boxes of what barefoot shoes should look like.

The most barefoot style and made with sustainability in mind!

Keep in mind that recommended extra length for any new pair of shoes is 12mm (min. 10mm and max. 15mm) to allow for growth and wiggle room for toes.

Sizing: Length and width

20/4 – 12,7 cm, 6,0 cm
21/4.5 – 13,1 cm, 6,2 cm
22/5 – 13,7 cm,  6,4 cm
23/6 – 14,5 cm,  6,6 cm
24/7 –  15,0 cm,  6,8 cm

25/8 –  15,6 cm,  7,0 cm
26/8.5 –  16,3 cm,  7,2 cm
27/9 –  17,0 cm,  7,4 cm
28/10 –  17,7 cm, 7,5 cm