Indoor/Outdoor Soft Sole Slippers - Kingfisher

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Handmade slipper design, great for first steps during dry weather. Fully barefoot with a durable sole which makes them a great first outdoor shoes.

We are proud to introduce Nohatka's slippers/first walking soft sole shoes as a new product to UK market. The shoes are handmade in a small, family workshop in Czech republic. The leather from which booties are made holds Blauer Engel certificate, which means that the material is made and dyed using eco-friendly processes of the highest level.

The shoes are special in a few ways:

1. They can be worn both indoors and outdoor due to durable yet very thin and bendable sole which makes them ideal shoes for first steps.

2. They have a special tying mechanism which allows the shoes to fit around wider or narrower feet to ensure that they won't slip.

3. They are anatomically shaped to allow movement of toes and healthy feet development. 

Made with sustainability in mind, the best started shoes for cruising babies or amazing anti slipping slippers for your toddlers.

Keep in mind that recommended extra length for any new pair of shoes is 12mm (min. 10mm and max. 15mm) to allow for growth and wiggle room for toes.