Warm Slippers Pink

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Pegres Barefoot Slippers are the best solution to keep your little one's feet warm without compromising on comfort. Many podiatric specialists recommend that children spend some time barefoot, which might be tricky during winter months, but these extremely light and flexible slippers offer a great solution. They are made from recycled polyester to help tackle waste and keep our planet clean for the future generations.


Sizing info: suitable for most foot shapes including dominant toes

21/4 = 13.5cm, 22/5 = 14.1cm, 23/6 = 14.8, 24/7 = 15.4cm, 25/8 = 16cm, 26/8.5 = 16.7cm, 27/9 = 17.3cm, 28/10 = 17.8cm, 29/11 = 18.6cm