Sustainable Barefoot Slippers - Wool Green

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A new collection of fully barefoot slippers for kids from Pegres has arrived. This time they combined 70% of wool with 30% of recycled polyester with the internationally recognized GRS (Global recycle standard) certificate. Inner insole is made from ecologically cleaned and prepared leather.

Made ethically and sustainably to the highest standard

Fit: Suitable for most foot shapes due to adjustable strap around instep. Ideal for wider toes. Slippers come up a little smaller.

21/4 = 13.5cm, 22/5 = 14.1cm, 23/6 = 14.8, 24/7 = 15.4cm, 25/8 = 16cm, 26/8.5 = 16.7cm, 27/9 = 17.3cm, 28/10 = 17.8cm