Preschool Shoes with Laces - Green

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Froddo shoes are among our latest additions. Froddo is an established brand with nearly 80 year long expertise in making shoes. Traditionally Froddo has been making non barefoot shoes with some great aspects such as flexibility however, they also have barefoot-friendly range as well as fully barefoot which is part of their range and we wanted to present them in our shop. Froddo is a larger company but does care about environmental impact manufacturing has on nature as well as making sure shoes are made from harmless materials with no added chemicals. This particular models is a rare find and would be classed as our barefoot friendly model.

Fit and sizing: suitable for standard and a tiny bit wider feet, anatomically shaped but not suitable for dominant toes. They are great for standard and higher instep.

Please note that Froddo Paix comes with 2 insoles, one cotton barefoot insole and one with a bit more padding. We do not recommend the padded insole, only the flat barefoot one.