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Colourful Tights with Braces - Brown and Turquoise

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Eco-friendly fashion takes a step forward in these new, colourful tights with braces.

Our new collection is quite a bit different than the originals. The bottom part consists from the very same traditional, knitted tights but the top part is very unique. The braces themselves are made from a rare type of biodegradable elastic consisting largely from cotton as well as natural rubber. Other small businesses are involved to make them into perfection as they are. 

Changes in sizing:

The sizing is a little different for rainbow tights as well and we suggests that if your little one is taller than approximately 82cm/height to go up the size. 

Up to 18 months/up to 82cm

Up to 30months/92cm

Up to 4 years/100cm

Made in Slovakia with sustainability in mind