Our Giveaway Events

February at Quinn's

During February we will be spreaading some love on our Instagram account and run giveaways @quinnslittlethings. Feel free to follow us and invite your friends.


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We like to give back to our customers. Being a dedicated customer means a lot to us and we want to make sure that we can nurture the relationships as much as we nurture and curate our goodies and brand.

Our subscribers get about 1-2 newsletters a month (we hate spamming) with info about new stock and other promotions going on.

We like to add an activity for you to do with your children, just because it is nice to give a little extra.

We update you regarding any relevant or useful information about choosing shoes for your children, stories of our products or brands. It is important to us that you know who you buy from and that we have evidence of high-quality of products we sell. This is particularly important to us because we deeply believe in #whomademyclothes Fashion revolution movement which among other things, fights for workers rights. When buying with us, you are supporting other small, family owned and honest businesses who take care of their employees as well as their production.


General terms and conditions when running a subscribers' promotion

1. Just subscribe to our newsletter and you will automatically enter the prize draw. Sign up is located below, at the bottom of the page. No purchase is necessary!

2. On the last day of each competition after 8pm, we will enter every one of our subscribing customers into the raffle to have a chance of winning. The winner will be contacted so we can choose the most appropriate size together. 

3. We will only use your name and surname or email to enter to our winner generator.

4. The winner will not be included to the subsequent giveaways for the period of 6 months.

5. You may unsubscribe at any time. 

6. UK residents only as we only ship to UK.


With love,

Romana, Magnus and Quinn