Barefoot Boots in Olive Green

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Froddo barefoot boots are a great example of the company's craftsmanship and expertise in making shoes. High quality, soft, non toxic leather shoes and rubber soles are a great combination to provide comfort for growing feet.

They are fully flat, zero drop and anatomically shaped. They can adjust to narrower ankles and are for standard but also wider feet. They get even more flexible with each wear and have durable sole and stitching without compromising on the barefoot properties. 

Made with sustainability in mind, in Croatia, EU

Sizing info (inner length and width): 20EU/4UK = 129mm/58mm, 21/4,5 = 134mm/60mm, 22/5 = 141mm/61mm, 23/6= 149mm/64mm, 24/7 = 154mm/65mm, 25/8 = 162mm/67mm, 26/8.5 = 167mm/69mm, 27/9 = 174mm/72mm, 28/10 = 181mm/73mm