What is Ethical Fashion?

Many of you might have come across terms such as ethical fashion, slow fashion or eco-consciousness in fashion. Many brands are using these terms within their marketing campaigns raising awareness of the issues which the terms are connected with; but what does ethical fashion actually mean?

For every brand and customer alike, it can have a very different meaning. In broad terms, ethical fashion is a term that attempts to shed light on the production and distribution of any fashion garment from start to finish; it concerns itself with the working conditions and safety of workers who make the products as well as the impact of manufacturing on our environment and the short- and long-term eco-consequences on our planet. In general, ethically made fashion should be beneficial for everyone involved from a social point of view as well as ecological, making sure that no one (and the planet) suffers the consequences of fast fashion and traditional consumerism, or at the very least, keeps changing towards that direction. In the past years, projects such as Fashion Revolution and #whomademyclothes are aiming to bring the consumer closer to what is behind the items they buy.


Brands are aware that the rise of ethical and eco-conscious buying in consumers has been slowly gaining more recognition and fast and cheap fashion had been ever so slightly on decline. Hence, they often use these terms in their advertising and marketing.  However, without transparency and evidence, these words become meaningless. After all, anyone can say they support ethical productions but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are on the same page with their customers. Such misleading marketing practices are also called green-washing and buyers can become overwhelmed when trying to distinguish which brand is genuine and which isn't.



Therefore, we have decided to create the Ethically-made project on our social media accounts for that very reason; transparency. As a small, family business we believe in transparency, honesty and upliftment of fellow family businesses within communities. We are not perfect but we are hoping that this project will offer you an insight into what we believe in and how we are taking steps to create a brand that focuses on creating a better future for our children when fighting against the common “the more the better, the cheaper the better” attitude.

 We believe that honesty is the best policy and will always aspire to bring you just that to the best of our knowledge.

Feel free to get in touch inf you have any questions.



Edit: all photos have been kindly given to us by our manufacturers for the purpose to support transparency in manufacturing.